Long Sleeve Skinsuit SONIC 18 | ENDURANCE

The PRO Sonic Endurance skinsuit was developed in collaboration with the Great Britain Cycling Team and has been optimised for track endurance race events and time trials. The carefully designed pattern and mix of fabrics will help reduce drag as you cut through the air.

Product features


The PRO Collection is the choice of the professional teams we partner with as well as committed racing cyclists. Here you will find our latest innovations in fabric technology and design. This kit stands up to the most rigorous training regimes and helps you perform at the highest level.

Your Ride. Made Better.



Robust zipper

Robust zipper will keep everything in place.

Aero pattern

Meticulously researched and tested combination of materials to reduce drag and improve speed.

Leg ends

Invisible endings on legs and arms ensures perfect adhesion, reducing wrinkles and keeping your shape aero.


Back number pocket

Integrated back number pocket removes needs for pins and improves your aerodynamics, saving time and prolonging the life of the suit. It comes with race radio back pocket.

Sonic 3D pad

We work with GBCT and the world's leading manufacturer of cycling pads Elastic Interface to deliver special thin pad for specialist TT and Track riding that due to unique 3D construction offers superior comfort despite being so thin. It provides maximum protection and comfort when in tuck postion on your time trial or track bike.

Main material - Lycra Speed

Very soft fabric Lycra Speed is characterized by its great elasticity, which provides maximal aerodynamics to cycling clothes designed for Time Trials.

  • Composition: 22.0%EL (Lycra) 78.0%PES
  • Gramage: 225 g/m2


Product code N50542-UT18
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