Jersey ELITE 51 | Spinn

This best-selling ELITE Spinn jersey is made from a great combination of fine fabrics which are lightweight, stretchy and breathable. The elongated sleeves feature an adhesive silicone ending, bringing a touch of elegant design to this stylish cycle wear. The silicone elastic waistband prevents the jersey from riding up. Time-proven materials combine with a sophisticated cut to provide excellent comfort levels and a sleek, modern look.

Product features


Our ELITE Collection is the go-to choice of many cycling clubs and corporate clients who want a great range of durable and affordable kit that performs well. These bestsellers are perfect for club rides, sportives and Gran Fondo events, and are made from time-proven fabrics. 

Your Ride Made Better



Aero-fit sleeves

Comfortable elbow-length, aero-fit sleeves with seamless bonded hem edge.

The first time you put on one of our jerseys, it's possible that the sleeves may seem tight on your arm. We have used a very flexible and durable sleeve finishing tape to finish the sleeves, which adapts perfectly to each arm and adheres perfectly to the skin.

Long zipper

Long hidden zipper ensures continuity of design. 

Functional fabrics

The combination of two functional fabrics ensures active breathability during the ride.


Silicone elastic waistband to prevent your top from riding up.

Reflective elements

Three back pockets with reflective elements for increased safety.

Water-resistant pouch

Inner removable water-resistant pouch for your phone, keys or money. The pouch can attached to carabiner inside of the pocket to secure your valuable.

Main material - SPINN

Weft-knitted polyester material developed for highly functional cycle wear. Two-layer structure made from lightweight fabrics with the reverse side from special microfiber that effectively transfers the sweat to the top layer. The Spinn material is very breathable and provides a comfortable fit.

  • Composition: 100% Polyester 
  • Grammage: 125 g/m2


Product code N50078-MS51
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