Short Sleeve Skinsuit PRO 09 | Brios SPEED

The PRO Brios skinsuit gives you all the advantages of an aerodynamic skinsuit during a road race, cyclocross or MTB competition. This lightweight skinsuit, featuring a three-compartment pocket at the back and a front opening for easier comfort breaks, perfectly fits the definition of practical race wear.

Product features


The PRO Collection is the choice of the professional teams we partner with as well as committed racing cyclists. Here you will find our latest innovations in fabric technology and design. This kit stands up to the most rigorous training regimes and helps you perform at the highest level. 

Your Ride Made Better




Aero-fit sleeves

Comfortable elbow-length, aero-fit sleeves with seamless bonded hem edge.

The first time you put on one of our jerseys, it's possible that the sleeves may seem tight on your arm. We have used a very flexible and durable sleeve finishing tape to finish the sleeves, which adapts perfectly to each arm and adheres perfectly to the skin.

Active seems

Active seems provide better elasticity and deliver perfect fit.

Leg grippers

Legs finished with “fullgrip” elastic cuff that is stitched with reflective flatlock seam.

Robust zipper

An opening between the upper and lower parts for easier comfort breaks.

Rear pockets

Lower rear left and right pockets offer easy access to stowed items, while large volume centre pocket accommodates bigger items.

Endurance 3D pad

Our new revolutionary cycling pad Endurance 3D has been constructed in collaboration with the world's leading manufacturer Elastic Interface cycling pads, using the latest technologies.It provides maximum protection and incredible comfort during long and demanding rides.

Main material - Brios

Ultra-thin, quick-drying material, especially developed for racing purposes. This fabric offers excellent stretch and recovery, while providing a great comfort The Brios material is highly breathable and provides an aerodynamic fit.

  • Composition: 85 % PES, 15 % LYCRA
  • Grammage: 125 g/m


Product code N56067-MA09
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